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y 7, 2015
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Pics are up for the Red Wing
Hillclimbs May 30 & 31
!!! Attention Hillclimbers !!!

After taking a long hard look at the books over the past few years and discussing things
with my wife, Dawn, who has also been a big part of what I can do at your events, we have
regrettably come to the conclusion that with the recent advancements in technology, there
just isn't enough of a market to cover our expenses, so we are retiring from the hillclimb
business.  It has been a great ten year run with you all, and I would like to thank the
Indianhead Motorcycle Club, Kato Cycle Club, the Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club, CMJ
Raceway, ValleySprings Hillclimb, and all of the riders and their families for supporting us
over the years.
I will be discontinuing my service with Photoreflect in the near future, so if there are any
pictures from the past that you have any interest in you will have to contact me personally
via email or phone and I can find an alternative way to get you the pics to see.

Thank you all again for your support over the years!