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Digital Photo Services
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Lake City, MN  55041
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Custom Photo Calendars feature 8" X 10" photos of your favorite rider/athlete topping off each month.
 They can be made to feature a single rider/athlete or an entire family.  Front covers feature a full
page borderless enhanced photo or composite from the calendar and back covers show all 12 photos
used in the calendar.  They are printed on High Quality 8.5" X 11" double sided matte finish photo
paper balancing the need for quality photo prints with the ability to make notes on the calendar pages
easily with any pen or pencil.  They are bound with durable plastic comb bindings which will allow the
calendars to hang flat and change months with ease.  I will also customize the calendar pages to
include your personal list of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, race schedules or
whatever dates you would like noted.  It is important that you contact me prior to ordering calendars
to get all the necessary information lined up to make your calendar the way you want it and ensure
that I have enough photos to make a complete year.  The cost for these calendars is $59.95 which is
an exceptional value when you stop to consider that 8 X 10 photos normally sell for $10 each.