Passport Photos - set of two 2" square photos with next day service $10+tax
                                              additional sets available for visas, etc. $5+tax
                                              Call 651-345-2497 to schedule.

School Sports Teams - I provide individual and team photography for local
                                              School Sports Teams.  As part of this service each team I
                                              photograph receives complimentary 8" X 10" Team Photos
                                              for each Coach pictured along with an image to submit for
                                              the yearbook.  The products I provide for the students and
                                              their families are comparable in quality and price to those
                                              provided elsewhere
(see brochure and price list).  As a local
                                              photographer I am able to provide a level of service above
                                              that of out of town providers with photos usually delivered
                                              back to the school within one week from the time taken.

Photo Printing Services - I offer a full range of photo printing services.  I can
                                              work with most forms of digital media(picture cards), photos,
                                              film negatives, or slides.  I do reprints and enlargements in
                                              all the standard sizes
(see price list).  I also do photo repair
                                              and restoration.  Pricing for that varies depending on the
                                              level of work involved.  I do charge a small fee ($1minimum)
                                              for scanning hard media such as photos, slides, or film and
                                              converting it to digital format for use with my equipment.
Mike Nelson
Digital Photo Services
404 N. Garden St.
Lake City, MN  55041
Phone (651) 345-2497
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