Weddings are a very special time in peoples lives and although most share many
similarities each one is unique in it's own special way and deserves a level of
service dedicated to the needs of each unique situation.  I offer several options,
each able to be tailored to fit your needs.  My base package covers the formal
church photos and pictures of the ceremony.  It includes an album with
approximately fifty 4" X 6" photo prints of the pictures taken and a CD containing
all the images in JPEG format along with reproduction authorization allowing you to
make reprints and enlargements at any photo processing center.  The cost for my
basic package is $395 and I require a $100 deposit to secure the date on my
calendar.  The deposit is not refundable but does apply to the cost of the package
ordered.  My next level of service is an intermediate package which includes
everything from the basic package along with additional photos shot at the
reception up to the start of the dance.  This package typically adds photos of the
head table at the reception, bridal party toasts, cutting the cake and candid photos
taken during social time.  The cost for the intermediate package is $495 and will
give you an album with approximately seventy five photos and the CD.  The top
level of service I offer is my premier package and includes photos from the entire
wedding event.  With this package you are really free to take liberties with my time
and call the shots you want as part of your album.  With this package I am willing
to start as early as the rehearsal the day before the wedding and work as late as
the end of the dance.  When choosing this package the number of photos included
in the album and on the CD increases to approximately one hundred and twenty
five and the cost is $695.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to would like to check the
availability of a date.
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Digital Photo Services
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