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Photo Prints
Photo Buttons
Photo CD
Custom Photo
Standard photo prints are available directly from the photo galleries
in  4 X 6, 8 X 10, 11 X 14 & 13 X 19 inch sizes.  Just click on the
shopping cart when viewing the image you want to buy.
 Prints can
be personalized with text for an additional $5.  For complete details
about prints and enhancements click
These are 3" Photo Buttons made from the image of your choice.  
The Image will be sized and centered to provide the best looking
button that can be made from the image.  Buttons are available
directly from the shopping cart linked to each gallery
Photo CDs include all of the full resolution images I have of a
specific rider/athlete for the season and come with reproduction
authorization allowing you to use the images however you'd like
and get prints made at any photo processing center.

Pricing varies with the number of riders/classes you would like
included.  Base price is $60 and is for up to 3 rider/classes.  
examples:  1 rider 3 classes, 3 riders 1 class each.
Additional rider/classes are $15 each for the 4th and 5th
rider/classes, and $10 each for the 6th and more rider/classes.

IMPORTANT:  Contact me via phone or email to order.
I have the necessary supplies and equipment to put together quality
customized calendars featuring 12 photos of you or your favorite
rider/athlete from my galleries.  For complete details about
calendars click
IMPORTANT:  Contact me prior to ordering.(see details)
$5 - $30
This list of products and prices applies only to images from my old photo galleries
Thru PayPal